A little #artvsartist2022 to end this year. 🙃It’s been a pretty intense year for me, with difficult moments, but at the same time I feel I’ve grown and I’m thinking that maybe it was possible thanks to those difficulties… I’m a little frustrated about how long it’s taking me to finish my own illustrated book, but I’ll keep working and I hope that at some point it’ll be finished! •I’ve been exploring and experimenting with different techniques and styles too, like last year. It’s been fun but also I think I needed to see what I’m capable of and what direction I want to take from here, especially after so many years doing the same techniques and styles.Also, I’m happy to say that there are cool new projects coming for next year too! •I wish you a happy new year in a few hours! Enjoy the last day of the year and see you soon! ••••#artvsartist #drawing #painting #illustration #art #artist #ditigalart #traditionalart #happynewyear #project #teresacabanillas #portrait

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